Composum at adaptTo() 2019

meet us at adaptTo()
2019-09-02 - 2019-09-04

Content Management and more - create your own CMS - fast and flexible - neet us at adaptTo() 2019 - bring back the fun to Content Management

We are at adaptTo() 2019 in Berlin. This year with a talk about the development with the Composum Pages framework.

Composum Pages is a free basic open source CMS based on Apache Sling, and a framework to create your own extensions, based on a platform providing JCR document versioning, release management and publication and client libraries modularizing with Javascript and CSS.

Composum Pages, the Composum Plattform and the demonstrated source code is provided via GitHub and free to re-use.

This site and all content published here is built on Composum Cloud using the standard components.