Composum Cloud

the easiest way to start with Composum

A cloud installation to test working and developing with Composum is available. You can request your own tenant to start work in the cloud. If your tenant request is approved you are the manager of your tenant in the Composum Cloud. You can invite more tenant members in various roles.

Try it!

In both cases a workflow is started to process your request.

In the first case - if you want to become a member of a tenant - a manager of the tenant must approve your request. This can be take a while because it's a manually step.

In the second case - you need your own tenant - normally a platform manager must approve your request. However currently this workflow is switched to 'automatic' - you can start automatically.

Next steps

After creating a tenant, you can open Composum Pages and create your first site or clone (copy) an exampe site. Then, you can add, edit and publish pages - see the editing with Pages documentation.