Composum is a set of useful tools and a framework to make it easy to use the Apache Sling framework as a general application development platform. There are some modules published as Open Source and more modules in development to prepare the publishing.

There are four modules available:


The professional subscription provides some more modules to set up your own enterprise platform. All these modules are available on the Composum Cloud.


The multi tenancy module contains a setup and management console to manage a lot of tenants on the same system. All tenants are separated by access rights. Each tenant can mange its users an each user can be member of various tenants in various roles.


The workflow extension provides a very flexible solution to declare tasks and combine them to workflows. Manual steps are listed in a personalized View integrated in the tenants console and in the Composum Pages editing user interface.


Set up dedicated publishing instances or replicate the content to external repositories.

work in progress