set up your application framework

The Composum Platform module is the hidden worker in a CMS driven Composum application system setup. The Platform provides general services to manage content versions and releases. The Platform enables and controls the access to a general purpose application platform bases on the Apache Sling framework.

One instance for All

It should be easy to install the CMS for development and it should be an option to have the same installation in development and in production probably in a clustered installation. Therefore the Platform module enables the setup of one sling instance for authoring and as the publishing instance.

An 'Access Filter' determines the access mode (author / preview / publish) by analysing the host information and restricts the access according to that access mode. Based on the access mode the release or version of the content to deliver is calculated and an appropriate resource resolver is defined for the request rendering.

The Pages part in this chain is to evaluate the requested site and its configuration and map the access mode to the right release of the sites releases list.

An enterprise platform

To to construct your CMS based Enterprise Portal a professional license is offered. This license enables you the use of all platform extensions and the access to the extensions source code:

Authentication Extension

With the External Authentication option you can integrate an external authentication broker and delegate all authetication functinality to this broker. Each authentication broker which supports SAML can be integrated. A ready to use integration fpr the Keycloak authentication broker is available.