Composum Components

production ready components for a quick start

The Components module of Composum Pages enables starting with a new site immediately and without development. The responsive layout of the Components is driven by a Bootstrap based client library. The Components implementation can be used as a starting point and template for your own projects. Examples for the available components can be shown on this site and especially on the example pages.


Text Elements

  • Text / Title
    the 'text' and the 'title' elements are pure text elements. The 'text' element is the glue of each content section.
  • Text & Image
    the 'textimage' element combines the text with an optional image; the text can be arranged around the image in various ways

Special Elements

There are some special components delivered as part of the Pages Components:

  • iFrame
    the 'iframe' component enables the responsive embedding of 'foreign' content or of dynamically generated content
  • Google Map
    the Google Maps component is a blueprint for Google API based components and shows a simple map of a given location
  • Reference
    a 'reference' component is embedding the content of an arbitrary content element in the repository (content reuse by content reference)


Pages & Templates