Getting Started

create your own Composum Pages instance

Run using prebuilt images

A Docker image and a starter JAR/War file is configured to set up your fresh Pages instance. Both configurations are starting a Sling instance derived from the current Sling Starter release with the latest Release of Composum Nodes, Composum Platform and Composum Pages.

You can use

docker pull composum/pages:latest docker run --rm -p 8080:8080 composum/pages:latest

to try quickly try out Composum Pages. Caution: the --rm option means that your data is removed when you stop the container. Please consult the Docker documentation for other deployment options.

Pages is available at http://localhost:8080/bin/pages.html after the Sling startup is complete after one or two minutes.

If you don't want to build it yourself from the sources, you can download it either with

mvn dependency:copy -Dartifact=com.composum.pages:composum-pages-starter:1.0.3 -DoutputDirectory=.

The starter is started using

java -jar composum-pages-starter-1.0.3.jar

Again, Pages is available at http://localhost:8080/bin/pages.html after a while.

Set up on an existing Sling instance

Composum Pages is a CMS and framework based on the Apache Sling framework. An Apache Sling instance must be running to set up the Composum Modules.

The Apache Sling instance contains probably a Composum Nodes module which is shipped together with the Sling launchpad (starter) or a similar distribution. Composum Pages is sharing some features with the Nodes (Core) module of Composum. The version of the Nodes module must be compatible to the Pages module. If not or if the Nodes module is not present you must upgrade or install the Composum Nodes module.

The other necessary module is the Composum Platform module. This module must also be running before the Composum Pages module can be installed properly.

If the version of Composum Nodes must be upgraded to support Composum Pages (currently at least version 1.11.2 is required) the Nodes installations must be upgraded.

To upgrade Composum Nodes install all Composum Nodes bundles via the Sling Webconsole or the Sling Rest API; download and install:

It is advisable to install the bundles in separate requests as there are some cross references that might prevent starting e.g. the user management and package manager if the other bundles aren't active yet.

The installation of the Composum Nodes package is not recommended because the Composum Nodes Package Manager itself ist replaced by the installation...

Download the Composum Platform and the Composum Pages package und and install it using the PackageManager user interface or the Rest API.

Open the package manger - http://localhost:8080/bin/packages.html - upload the packages and install the Platform package and then the Pages package. Alternatively install the package via the Rest API, e.g.:

curl -u admin:admin -F file=@[package-name].zip http://localhost:8080/bin/cpm/package.service.html