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Suffixthe path of the repository resource


The servlet to fetch or manipulate data of a repository node (a resource).

Used to get the data for the various views and view elements in the Nodes consoles. Supports changes on the resource level (without functional constraints check).

Selectortree Extensionjson MethodGET OperationTree Node

Returns a JSON object of the tree node for the requested resource with all data needed by a tree node view and the list of child nodes  with the date to display the children in a tree.


  • filter
    the filter key (declared in the core configuration) to use for child retrieval


  • /bin/cpm/nodes/node.tree.json/content/tenant/site/home?filter=unfiltered

    Returns the JSON data of the resource at '/content/tenant/site/page' in the tree view format:

      "contentType": "home", 
      "type": "page", 
      "id": "/content/tenant/site/home", 
      "name": "home", 
      "text": "home", 
      "path": "/content/tenant/site/home", 
      "resourceType": "cpp:Page", 
      "jcrState": { 
        "checkedOut": true, 
        "isVersionable": false, 
        "locked": false 
      "children": [ { ... }, ... ] 

Selectorreference Extensionjson MethodGET OperationTree Node by ID

Retrieves a nodes tree data analogous to the 'tree' operation using a nodes ID (UUID) to identify the node.


  • id
    the uuid of the node to use; if parameter is not present the suffix is interpreted as a uuid

Selectormixins Extensionjson MethodGET OperationMixin Types

Returns a JSON array of the declared mixin types for a resource identified by the path in the suffix.

Selectorquery Extensionhtml MethodGET OperationFind Resources

Executes a query an returns a HTML table with the results.


  • query
    A query string to build a XPATH or a SQL-2 query string; it can be a XPATH / SQL-2 query but also a simple text which is extended to a XPATH query; if it is a SQL-2 or a XPATH query the query is used as is.

Selectormap Extensionjson MethodGET OperationMap - JSON

Maps a resource into a JSON object (GET) or updates a resource using an JSON object (POST, PUT).

Selectortoggle Extensionlock MethodPOST OperationToggle Lock

Toggles the JCR lock state of a resource identified by their path in the requests suffix.

Selectorcreate Extensionjson MethodPOST OperationCreate a Node

Selectorcopy Extensionjson MethodPOST OperationCopy a Node

Selectormove Extensionjson MethodPOST OperationMove a Node

Selectordelete Extensionjson MethodDELETE OperationDelete a Node